Solid Wall Insulation

Insulating the outside
Putting insulation on the outside of the house is another job that is usually done by a specialist company. The walls are clad with insulating slabs which then need decorating. This is an elaborate process because downpipes, windows and doors are affected by the extra thickness of the wall, and pipes will have to be repositioned. It is an expensive job, only worthwhile in extreme conditions.

Cavity Wall Insulation
Insulating the inside
The extra width of insulation on the inside may bring the wall out beyond skirting boards, picture rails and architraves. Often lights, wall sockets, light switches and radiators will have to be repositioned. Insulate the walls with Thermal Board fixed to battens. Before nailing on the boards, pin fibre blanket to the battens.
Alternatively, fix the Thermal Board direct to the walls with the adhesive recommended by the board manufacturer, and a secondary fixing of hammer-in fixings or screws.